Oct 11, 2012

News: Wendy's Unveils New Logo

A lot of changes going on at Wendy's lately. There's the recent revamps of their friesburgers, and bacon, but there's more... Coming in March 2013, you also be seeing a new Wendy's logo.

Where the old logo was classic and played to the chain's roots, Wendy's new logo is meant to reflect "innovation and fresh thinking" as the chain moves forward into the future.

The new logo is the most drastically different of the five previous logos the chain has worn. Gone is the "Old Fashioned Hamburgers" tagline and red and yellow box. While Wendy's trademark face remains, it's a slightly more mature (and better drawn) face.

Here's a timeline of Wendy's logos since the chain's inception:

To see how the logo will look on an actual restaurant, Wendy's has provided a mock up photo on one of their new, redesigned "Image Activation" restaurants:

As with the logo, the new redesign is meant to be forward thinking; they describe it as "ultra-modern." Amenities include lounge seating, fireplaces, flat-screen televisions, Wi-Fi, and digital menu boards. Depending on where you live, you may have already seen these changes at your local Wendy's (sans the logo, which won't change until March 2013).


  1. I'm not too sure I'm fond of the new logo or the new store redesign. I mean, a fireplace and flat screen TV inside a fast food joint? Seems really excessive.

  2. They're trying to position themselves to better compete against fast casuals like Chipotle and Panera.

  3. How about if they spend some money in better service and promotions instead of logos, fireplaces, TVs, etc. It's not like I'm OK with eating in a dump, I like a nice dining area, just like the next guy. But their biggest flaws (to me) are their service and that they have too few promotions that give good value for our money.

  4. Not too fond of the new logo, but I like the new store redesign. I don't really eat inside Wendy's that often though (maybe once every four or five times I go there), so I don't know when I'd see all that new stuff (especially since I can't recall any stores in town actually having gone through with it yet).

  5. The homeless will appreciate the new lounging place to rest within before being kicked out the door.

    The retailing cycle continues and I wonder when Wendys will have waitresses to take and deliver your order?

    Remove the front ordering counter and amenities and fir in a few more tables and/or booths.

    Likely avoided will be short-shorts and plunging necklines.


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