Oct 2, 2012

News: Arby's Re-brands to "Slicing Up Freshness"

Looks like "Good Mood Food" wasn't cutting it. Arby's is moving on with a new tagline: "Slicing Up Freshness." The line refers to the fact that Arby's slices up their meats every day in each restaurant and seek to point out that other sandwich chains (the biggest being Subway) do not. Apparently, not everyone knows that Arby's slices their meats in-house.

Back when I was younger (and my local Arby's hadn't yet been remodeled), I remember seeing the slicer go back and forth from the counter. Since the remodel, the slicer was relegated to the back out of plain view. I think they could have saved some money and just put the slicer where people can see it working.

Along with the new tag is a updated logo which replaces the "Arby's" text from the old-fashioned version with a new lower-cased modern version featuring a stylized apostrophe made to look like a meat slicer that slices into the "s."

The Arby's website has also been updated with a new design:
Personally, if Subway is the aim, I think Subway's strengths are more value and a large selection of vegetables to customize your sandwich with. Their fresh-baked bread and meat selection have never been a huge selling point for me, although both have been improved over time.

While I'm sure Arby's has better market data then my own personal opinion, as I look across Arby's current menu, it seems like vegetables are a bit of an afterthought. Fresh chopped onions, lettuce, and the like could also be a part of "slicing up freshness."


  1. I've probably been to an Arby's 2 times in 10 years. The market fresh sandwiches are likely the best thing Arby's might have going for them, but at the price, it's just not a value for me.

  2. What they should do is lower prices. Their sandwiches are the same prices of meals at taco bell, mcdonalds and many others. I don't even use their coupons anymore. Small portions, large prices.. just a waste.

  3. For some reason I've never considered Arby's as part of the whole Subway-ilk of restaurants. They're definitely not a burger place either though, so I guess they've always occupied this weird sort of middle space in my mind. I guess it's because even though they sell sandwiches, they still serve them with fries instead of chips like you'd get at Subway.

  4. Well said. I'll still use their coupons once in a while, but that barely makes it worth while compared to the other options out there.


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