Oct 8, 2012

Around the World: Domino's Australia Offers Pancakes

Domino's Australia now offers new Mini Dutch Pancakes for a limited time on their menu.

Specifically, they're offering poffertjes, which are small, fluffy and puffy pancakes (they look like fat, little flying saucers). Poffertjes are typically made in a specialized pan and served with butter and powdered sugar.

Domino's version are baked in the oven and offered at $2.95 AUS (~$3.02 US) for a dozen.

If you're wondering at what kind of nutritional content these have, here you go:

Nutritional Info - Domino's Australia Mini Dutch Pancakes - 12 pancakes
Calories - 441 (from Fat - 247)
Fat - 27.4g (Saturated Fat - 13.5g)
Sodium - 156mg
Carbs - 43.7g (Sugar - 34.6g)
Protein - 5.7g

Domino's U.K. also offers Mini Pancakes, except theirs comes 8 to an order for 2.99 pounds ($4.79 U.S.) and come with a chocolate dipping sauce:


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