Oct 27, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Taiwan - Sesame Pork Chop Burger

McDonald's Taiwan has embarked on a world tour (not literally) similar to the ones their European counterparts seem to do every now and again.

First stop? Japan with the "Sesame Pork Chop Burger." It looks to be a breaded and deep fried pork cutlet ("tonkatsu") topped with shredded cabbage and what I think is Japanese mayo. The bun is dotted with the occasional black sesame seed along with the typical white ones.

It sells for $99 NT (~$3.38 U.S.).

They've something similar in Japan before (filled with cheese no less), but this is the first time I've heard of it outside of Japan (at Mcdonald's I mean, because tonkatsu is pretty common at a lot of Japanese restaurants). No, wait... I looked it up. Apparently, they served a similar sandwich back in 2007 according to this blog. Still, when do we get a world tour menu here in the U.S.?!