Oct 10, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's - New Grilled Halloum on Ciabatta in Kuwait

In a bit of localized flavor, McDonald's is offering a new, limited-time Grilled Halloum on Ciabatta breakfast sandwich in Kuwait.

If you're like me and saw the picture, you'd think it was just an egg white sandwich right? But it's actually a thick slice of cheese.

Halloum or halloumi is a salty cheese typically made with a mix of sheep's and goat's milk (but also sometimes cow's milk) that has a high melting point, making it ideal for frying or grilling (to the point where you can leave grill marks or a nice pan sear onto the cheese). Halloumi is popular in Cyprus, Greece, and the Middle East.

Halloumi sandwiches are easily found in Kuwait and McDonald's version appears garnished with a slice of tomato and lettuce on a ciabatta bun. It looks to be grilled with olive oil and oregano. Last year, McDonald's was offering a McMuffin version for a limited-time in Kuwait.

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