May 5, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Japan Introduces the McChurro

For a limited time starting May 7, McDonald's Japan is offering new McChurros, available either covered in cinnamon sugar or with hotcake syrup for dipping.

While they might be called "churros," and are indeed long, deep-fried sticks of pastry dough, in appearance, the McDonald's version of the Latin treat look more like youtiao i.e. Chinese fried breadsticks although youtiao tend to be more savory than sweet.

Interestingly, churros are thought by some to have come about when Portugese sailors traveled to China, where they learned of youtiao and brought the knowledge back home.

The price per McChurro is 159 yen (~$1.56 US). They're available all day and look to be available through early June.