May 1, 2014

News: Church's Chicken - Spicier Spicy Chicken Returns

Church's Chicken's Spicier Spicy Chicken is back for a limited time. As the name suggests, it's a spicier version of their spicy fried chicken.

Through June 22, 2014, participating Church's restaurants are offering 10 Spicier Spicy Chicken legs and thighs or 10 Spicier Spicy Tender Strips starting at $7.99. There's also a deal with 3 leg and thigh pieces of Spicier Spicy Chicken or 3 Spicier Spicy Tender Strips, plus a Honey-Butter Biscuit starting at $2.69.

Spicier Spicy Chicken was originally introduced in 2010 and was meant to be a permanent menu item.

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