May 2, 2014

News: Pizza Hut Commissions Pizza Box Derby Hats for Kentucky Derby

In one of the odder promotions I've seen (when people think horseracing, pizza tends not to figure into the equation), Pizza Hut has partnered with Project Runway alum Angela Bacskocky to create custom derby hats out of Pizza Hut pizza and wing boxes as well as other various materials found in Pizza Hut restaurants in honor of the Kentucky Derby, which takes place tomorrow. In other words, it's a cardboard and paper derby hat.

They've been giving the hats via social media channels and plans to hand them out at the race.

But that's not all: they've also taken to calling their breadsticks "Throughbread Sticks" leading up to the event and are offering them at $2 with the online purchase of a large pizza at menu price through May 3 with the promo code "STICKS."

Pizza Hut's breadsticks are seasoned with garlic and parmesan and served with marinara dipping sauce. They're normally $4.50 for an order (may vary), while a large pizza with no toppings is regularly $11 (also my vary).