May 6, 2014

Review: Sonic - Blue Raspberry Nerds Slush

Sonic's Blue Raspberry Nerds Slush is new leading up to summer and features ice slush mixed with blue raspberry-flavored syrup with a combination of Nerds and rainbow candies thrown in. I also tried the Lemonberry and Super Peach Ring (like the candy) Slushes.

A 20-ounce medium was $1.10 during their half-price Happy Hour but I got these courtesy of Sonic.

If you've never had a Slush from Sonic, the ice is about as fine as you'd get in a 7-Eleven Slurpee but it's more liquid-y, while the Slurpee/Icee is a little more frozen.

The Blue Raspberry flavor is a nice blend of fruity and sweet. It's a familiar flavor for ice pop fans. The Nerds and rainbow candies add an extra punch of sweet and tart, as well as something to crunch on. Be warned though, the Slush gets progressively sweeter and more tangy as the candies begin to dissolve (I saved some and the next day, it was like drinking sweet and sour Nerds-flavored syrup). The rainbow candies have the same flavor as the Nerds but disintegrate more quickly.

The Lemonberry flavor tastes like a blended shaved ice version of a strawberry lemonade but with an emphasis on strawberries over the lemon. The overall flavor is pretty intense and sour. Like Sonic's Strawberry Limeades, there are actual strawberries mixed in.

The Super Peach Ring Slush just tastes like sweet peach-flavored syrup and ice, which is more or less like a peach ring candy I suppose. There's some tanginess to it. They go pretty heavy on the syrup so you might want to request less if you prefer something lighter.

Overall, the flavor of Sonic's summertime Slush flavors are all tasty and refreshing, especially on a hot day. I like Lemonberry the most but I'm a sucker for strawberry lemonade (though this is more like lemon strawberry-ade).

Nutritional info not available but probably similar to most of the slushes listed on the Sonic website.