May 3, 2014

Review: Thomas' Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins

Thomas' Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins are a new, limited-time flavor featuring cinnamon vanilla-flavored English muffins with pockets of cinnamon and cream cheese.

I picked up a 6-count package for $2.99.

I actually smelled these before I saw them. I was wandering down the bread aisle and sure enough, there was a cinnamon vanilla aroma that might have made more sense if there was an actual bakery nearby, or at least, a scented candle.

At home, you can sniff these from across the room. It's a nice smell but tends to make one hungry. When toasted, your family/roommate/etc. will be wondering what deliciousness you are baking, to which you will inevitably reply, "an English muffin. You want one?" Or maybe not, if you don't wish to share. And you might not; these are really good.

They have more of a moist, soft, bread-like texture rather than the signature nooks and crannies that Thomas' is known for, but also offer a bit of that fresh-baked bread feeling when toasted. The crust crisps up rather nicely as well.
There's a nice cinnamon flavor to them that's tinged with just a touch of vanilla. The little pockets of cinnamon and cream cheese keep it interesting with a pop of their respective flavors when you bite into them. While not sweet enough to veer into dessert territory, these have just the right amount of sugar to enjoy toasted with just a light spread of butter.

Overall, Thomas' Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins are pretty terrific. They're like toned-down English muffin versions of cinnamon buns but are wonderful in their own way.

Nutritional Info - Thomas Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffins
Serving size - 1 muffin (61g)
Calories - 150 (from Fat - 15)
Fat - 1.5g (Saturated Fat - 0.5g)
Sodium - 200mg
Carbs - 30g (Sugar - 6g)
Protein - 5g