Nov 23, 2014

Burger King Offers New Berry Burger in Japan

As part of a Christmas promotion, or rather "Berry Kristmush" promotion, Burger King is offering two holiday-themed burgers over in Japan: the Mush 'N Cheese and the Premium Berry.

The Premium Berry burger features a sauce made with raspberries, cranberries, blueberries, and red wine mixed with whole blueberries on top of bacon, a flame-grilled black pepper-mixed beef patty, lettuce, onions, and mayo. The burger might sound like a weird mix of savory and sweet but Wendy's offered a similar burger last year in Singapore (they called it the "Christmas Cranberry Burger"). The Burger King Japan version costs 590 yen (~$5 US).

The Mush 'N Cheese burger features a black pepper beef patty topped with a chopped blend of four mushrooms and a four-cheese sauce, plus a dusting of parmesan on a sesame seed bun. It goes for 480 yen (~$4.07 US).

Both burgers are available through December 25, 2014 (i.e. Christmas Day).

That's not all Burger King is offering for the Christmas season though: They're also selling Turkey Legs:

It's King-sized turkey legs!

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