Nov 5, 2014

Burger King Selling Whoppers on eBay Prior to Launch in India

Ahead of the opening of their first restaurant in India, Burger King looks to generate some buzz by pre-selling their Whoppers on eBay so that customers can pre-book their Whopper of choice before picking it up during the grand opening, while scoring a free T-shirt at the same time.

They're calling it the "eBay Whopper Shopper" promotion.

Under its terms, customers can get on eBay and pre-order a Whopper with either a chicken, vegetarian, or lamb patty (no beef since it's India) for a promotional price of 128 rupees (~$2.08 US) and get a physical voucher (by mail) that can be redeemed for a Whopper and a free Whopper T-shirt on November 9th at the burger chain's first Indian location, which opens that day in New Delhi.

While it seems a bit weird to pre-book a fast food burger ahead of launch, it does generate a fair amount of buzz. Plus, free T-shirt!

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