Nov 8, 2014

New Oreo Churros Coming to an Eatery Near You?

J&J Snack Foods Corp. introduces new Oreo Churros for the foodservice industry. The chocolaty dessert features a "crispy exterior, warm soft interior and Oreo cookie pieces in every bite" for a "just-baked Oreo cookie taste."

If you're never heard of a churro, it's basically a long, narrow deep-fried dough sticks, usually served rolled in cinnamon-sugar.

The company is producing for sale to quick service restaurants, convenience stores, and sports & leisure venues among others, so you might see these appearing at various eateries near you. I could also see Taco Bell picking these up.

J&J Snack Foods is also making an Oreo cookie creme dip for the new churros.

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