Nov 11, 2014

This Bedazzled Starbucks Mug Costs Over $100

For the Starbucks fan in your life that enjoys sparklies of the Swarovski variety, there's this limited-edition bedazzled Swarovski crystal studded, gold-colored stainless steel tumbler from Starbucks this holiday season.

You better really like them though (and they better really like Starbucks) because it'll set you back $109.95 for the Gold Swarovski Tumbler, which comes in a Starbucks-branded sliding wood box.

If you're looking for something equally sparkly, but for a little less than $100, Starbucks is also selling a 30th Anniversary Swarovski Mug & Gift Coffee Set for $99.95. Instead of the wood box, this one comes with a pound of Starbucks Christmas Blend.

I guess there are a lot of Starbucks-Swarovski fans because they're also offering a Swarovski Christmas ornament shaped like a mini-Starbucks cup and set with Swarovski crystals. It's selling for $49.95 at their online store.

It's not a Swarovski first for Starbucks though. Last year, they offered another limited-edition Swarovski cup to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Of course, if you were holding out for the Limited Edition Sterling Silver Starbucks Card, it's already sold out.

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