Nov 29, 2014

KFC Spicy Gangnam... Chicken?

Over in the Philippines, KFC riffs on the Korean pop hit of a couple of years back with new Spicy Gangnam Chicken.

The new chicken is part of a larger "KFC Food Trip" campaign inspired by flavors from around the world, and features spicy KFC chicken with a sweet and spicy Korean soy sauce-based glaze. It costs 99 pesos (~$2.20 US) and comes with chicken rice and coleslaw.

The KFC Food Trip line also includes two new rice bowls: the Japanese Teriyaki and Spanish Salpicao.

The Japanese Teriyaki Bowl features pieces of boneless fried chicken topped with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds on a bed of rice with shredded cabbages and carrots. The Spanish Salpicao Bowl features boneless fried chicken with salpicao sauce (a garlicky Worcester-based sauce from what I've been able to dig up), mushroom, and garlic on a bed of salpicao rice with half a soft-boiled egg. Both bowls go for 90 pesos (~$2 US) each.

And in case you ever wanted to see the Colonel doing the "Gangnam Style" dance, here you go:

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