Nov 19, 2014

Darius' Take - Five Guys - Little Bacon Cheeseburger

Five Guys' Little Bacon Cheeseburger comes fresh off the grill and features a single beef patty, bacon, and a slice of American cheese plus a choice of toppings.

I paid $6.09 for one at my local store.

Five Guys allows you to add any of a list of toppings to their otherwise basic burgers. I chose pickles, grilled onions, and ketchup for a simple sandwich.

While it may be called a “little” burger, Five Guys’ patty is a fairly standard size for a fast food premium burger. The only difference between it and the restaurant’s regular burger is that the normal burgers feature two patties instead of one.

The freshly prepared patty was much juicier than most fast food burgers. The bun only barely stood up to the task of containing it. No single aspect of the sandwich really dominated the experience as far as taste was concerned. While plentiful, the pickles did not provide much of a sour bite and the bacon really only served to give a nice crunch.

Overall, I enjoyed my Little Bacon Cheeseburger but wasn’t overly impressed. The fresh ingredients are nice, but they mean you’ll be paying a bit more and honestly, I've enjoyed other fast food burgers more without forking over six bucks. Of course, your experience will be largely affected by the toppings you choose which range from the usual--lettuce, mustard--to the unusual--with choices like green peppers and hot sauce.

(Ed. Note - I previously reviewed Five Guys' Little Bacon Cheeseburger with slightly different toppings a while back but thought you guys might like a different take on it from Darius. It's gotten pricier in the time since, huh?)

Nutritional Info - Five Guys Little Bacon Cheeseburger
Calories - 630 (from fat - 350)
Fat - 39g (Saturated fat - 18g)
Sodium - 950mg
Carbs - 39.5g (Sugar - 8.5g)
Protein - 31g

By Darius.

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