Nov 5, 2014

Review: Yoshinoya - Angus Steak

Yoshinoya's Angus Steak features grilled, sliced Angus steak with a "sweet, savory sauce," topped with sesame seeds and green onions (you can request it without as well).

The steak was being offered in a regular bowl for $5.39 or $6.69 in a combo bowl. I went for the combo bowl.

The steak was tender enough, but was cut up pretty small. It felt a little more braised than grilled but I went pretty late so maybe it had just been sitting for a while. There wasn't any char or grill marks.

Flavorwise, the sauce/marinade is a sweet soy sauce combination with just a bit of a tang. It's a little overboard on salt but I guess that's what the plentiful rice is for. It reminds me of bulgogi, especially with the sesame seeds and green onions.

Overall, Yoshinoya's Angus Steak is good, but needs more of a nice sear to it. I wouldn't get it over their signature beef. Still, it's convenient if you feel like bulgogi.

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