Nov 30, 2014

Domino's Now Delivers Hot Donuts in the UK

If you've ever wished some company would deliver donuts to your doorstep, you're in luck if you live in the UK, where Domino's recently started delivering hot donuts in addition to their normal fare.

The donuts come dusted with granulated sugar and are being offered in orders of four and 12 with a promotional price of £1.99 (~$3.13 US)  and £4.99 (~$7.85 US), respectively.

If there's a catch, the donuts are described as "freshly baked" rather than fried, but at least they'll be hot.

If you think delivering donuts is unusual, Domino's also delivers pints of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the UK (it's like they never want you to leave the house!).

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