Nov 20, 2014

Pei Wei Introduces New Sushi Crunch Rolls

Pei Wei adds some crunch to their sushi rolls with two new Sushi Crunch Rolls. Available in Teriyaki and Wasabi, the new rolls get their crunch from fried tempura flakes.

The Teriyaki Crunch Roll features Premium Pacific krab, sweet mango, and tempura flakes, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and wasabi aioli.

The Wasabi Crunch Roll (pictured) includes spicy Ahi tuna, cucumbers, scallions, rice and sesame seeds, drizzled with teriyaki sauce and wasabi aioli (considering that both rolls include teriyaki and wasabi, I'm wondering why they choose to name them as one or the other).

Pei Wei's new Sushi Crunch Rolls can be added in a set of four to any entree for $3.29 or can be ordered in a set of eight rolls for $5.99. They're available for a limited time only.

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