Nov 12, 2014

New Pumpkin Cake at KFC

KFC is offering the new Pumpkin Cake this holiday season as part of their Festive Feast family meals.

The Pumpkin Cake is a one-pound bundt cake drizzled with cream cheese frosting and pumpkin sauce. Beside being available as part of a Festive Feast, it can also be purchased individually for $3.99 (price may vary).

The Festive Feast comes in three sizes with varying amounts of chicken, sides, and biscuits, plus one cake (a choice of either the new Pumpkin Cake or the year-round Double Chocolate Chip Cake).

The 10-piece Feast comes with 10 pieces of chicken, 3 large sides, 6 biscuits, and a cake.

The 12-piece Feast comes with 12 pieces of chicken, 4 large sides, 8 biscuits, and a cake.

The 16-piece Feast comes with 16 pieces of chicken, 5 large sides, 10 biscuits, and a cake.

Unlike last year where KFC put out a suggested price of $19.99 for the smallest Feast (an 8-piece meal), it looks like they've left the pricing up to the franchisees so it might vary a fair bit.

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