Jun 8, 2020

Burger King Selling Social Distancing Whopper in Italy with Three Times the Onions

Burger King hopes onion breath will help customers in Italy maintain social distancing as their new Social Distancing Whopper includes three times the regular amount of onions compared to a regular Whopper.

The tagline for the new burger reads, "A Whopper with triple onions to help others stay away from you." Other than the extra onions, the Social Distancing Whopper is the same as a regular Whopper.

If that doesn't quite tickle your fancy, other new menu items in Italy, include:

- The BBQ Bacon King 3.0 - The 3.0 means that there's three beef patties, 3 layers of American cheese, and 8 slices of bacon to go with mayo and barbecue sauce.

- Bacon King Fries - While Burger King really hasn't explored the topped fries route here in the US, you can get fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce and bacon over in Italy.

- Crunchicken - A extra-crunchy, crisp-fried chicken filet is joined with the fairly standard cohort of mayo, tomato, and lettuce on a cornmeal-dusted bun. The tagline for this one is, "You never heard of a chicken like this!"

Photo via Burger King Italy.

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