Jun 10, 2020

Hormel Introduces New Chili Specifically for Topping Hot Dogs

Hormel introduces two new varieties of chili made specifically to top your hot dogs and make them into chili dogs.

The new no-bean chili is thicker in consistency than their regular chili to better stay on a hot dog. The two varieties cover your basic chili dog bases. They are:

- Chili Cheese - A no-bean chili combined with American cheese.

- Coney Island - A no-bean chili combined with mustard and onions.

Both Hormel Chili Cheese Chili (yes, that's the actual name) and Hormel Coney Island Chili come in 15-oz cans for a suggested price of $2.09 to $2.79. They can be found at select retailers nationwide.

Photo via Hormel.

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