Jun 7, 2020

Impossible Burgers Launches New Direct-to-Consumer Online Store

Impossible Foods launches a new direct-to-consumer online store that can ship plant-based Impossible Burgers throughout the continental US with two-day home delivery.

Prices start at $49.99 for a compostable and recyclable box of four 12-oz packages of Impossible burger. Shipping is "free" (i.e. it's included in the cost).

While the price amounts to more than $8 or so you might pay for a 12-oz package ($32 for four) at the supermarket, it might make sense if you want some Impossible Burgers and don't live near one of the over 3,000 grocery stores that carry the product (you can consider the $18 a charge for stay-cold packaging and two-day shipping).

Other packs available from the Impossible Burger online store include:

- Impossible Combo Pack (two 12-oz. packages and ten quarter-pound patties) for $59.99
- Impossible Family Pack (a single, 5-lb bulk package) for $64.99
- Impossible Grilling Pack (twenty quarter-pound patties) for $69.99

If you're curious as to how Impossible Burgers taste, I haven't really tried it except for in the Impossible Whopper.

Photo via Impossible Foods.

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