Jun 9, 2020

Trader Joe's Adds New Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls to the Frozen Food Aisle

Trader Joe's takes the savory route with mochi dough in adding new Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls to their frozen food aisle.

According to the chain, the new item draws inspiration from a savory mochi appetizer that was served to some employees at an udon bar on a trip to Tokyo. Kung Pao Chicken Mochi Balls feature chicken and veggies in a sweet and spicy Kung Pao sauce wrapped in mochi for a golf ball-sized snack.

You can find them at Trader Joe's in a 9-oz box for $3.99.

Mochi is more typically associated with desserts. In traditional Japanese cuisine, you'll find them plain or with various fillings including sweet red bean. Similar variations are also found in a number of the cuisines of other Asian countries. In more contemporary applications, you'll find mochi filled with ice cream as well as mochi donuts.

Photo via Trader Joe's.

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