Jun 23, 2020

Starbucks Adds New Impossible Sausage Breakfast Sandwich and Two New Cold Brew with Cold Foam Flavors

Starbucks adds to their plant-based offerings by welcoming the new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich to the menu. They've also expanded their Cold Foam beverage line-up with two new non-dairy Cold Brew with Cold Foam beverages.

The new Impossible Breakfast Sandwich features a plant-based Impossible Sausage patty, cage-free fried egg, and aged cheddar cheese on artisanal ciabatta bread. It's good for 22 grams of protein and is basically the same as a traditional sausage breakfast sandwich but with plant-based sausage. You can find the new breakfast sandwich at a majority of Starbucks stores across the country.

New to the Cold Foam platform are Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almondmilk Foam and Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk Foam.

Cold Brew with Cinnamon Almondmilk takes Starbucks Cold Brew coffee and tops it off with cinnamon, vanilla, and almondmilk cold foam, while Cold Brew with Dark Cocoa Almondmilk features Starbucks Cold Brew coffee topped with mocha sauce, cocoa powder, and almondmilk cold foam.

Additionally, Starbucks is offering Cold Brew with Cinnamon Oatmilk Foam to the permanent menu in the Midwest and California. The drink features Cold Brew topped with cinnamon, vanilla, and oatmilk cold foam.

Photo via Starbucks.

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