Jun 24, 2020

Subway Serves New Mini Sub Filled with Chocolate and Raspberries for Dessert in Japan

Subway adds to their "Snack Sandwich" dessert menu in Japan with the new Chocolate & Raspberry sandwich.

As the name states, the mini sub features the chain's signature bread filled with a smooth chocolate sauce (that seems similar to Nutella or chocolate frosting in consistency) and fresh raspberries. It's something that wouldn't be unusual on a piece of toast here in the US but might be a bit carb-heavy in a sub roll.

The price on the Chocolate & Raspberry sandwich comes out to 170 yen (~$1.59 US).

Other sandwiches on the chain's Snack Sandwich menu include the Sweet Red Bean & Mascarpone and the plain Sweet Red Bean sandwiches.

Photo via Subway Japan.

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