Jun 17, 2020

IHOP Releases New Kickin' Maple Chicken Breakfeast with Maple Sweet & Spicy Syrup

IHOP adds to their Breakfeast options with two new, limited-time choices: the Kickin' Maple Chicken Breakfeast and the Crepes & Cakes Breakfeast.

The Kickin' Maple Chicken Breakfeast (pictured) features a buttermilk crispy-fried chicken breast drizzled with new Maple Sweet & Spicy Syrup, served with four strips of hickory-smoked bacon, two eggs, hash browns, two buttermilk pancakes, and toast.

The Crepes & Cakes Breakfeast includes two crepes topped with glazed strawberries and vanilla cream drizzle, two buttermilk pancakes, two strips of hickory-smoked bacon, two pork sausage links, two pieces of thick-cut ham, two eggs, and hash browns.

Also new and available for a limited time are Creme Brulee Pancake, which feature two buttermilk pancakes layered with vanilla creme brulee custard cream and caramelized sugar crystals, crowned with whipped topping. You can get the new pancakes by themselves or as part of a combo.

Photo via IHOP.

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