Jun 30, 2020

Domino's Now Offers Curbside Delivery During Select Times

Domino's now offers curbside delivery, that they're calling "Carside Delivery," nationwide during certain hours of the day.

Here's how it works: The contactless carryout option is available when placing a prepaid online order. You just need to enter your vehicle color, make, and model after choosing the option. You can select where you want them to place your order: passenger side, back seat, or trunk (you can also choose to decide when you get there). After you arrive at the restaurant, you can either tap the "I'm here" button on the Domino's Tracker page or reply "HERE" to Domino's opt-in text and they'll bring your order out to you.

Domino's Carside Delivery is currently available from 4 to 9 PM (some locations may offer additional hours).

Photo via Domino's.

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