Jun 26, 2020

Del Taco Pours New Sprite with Popping Boba

Del Taco now offers boba with soda with the launch of new Sprite Poppers, which feature Sprite lemon-lime soda with either mango or cherry-flavored popping boba.

Popping boba are edible chewy balls with a thin shell filled with juice or syrup (in this case, mango or cherry-flavored juice). They initially found popularity at boba (tapioca balls) tea shops but have occasionally appeared on the menu at certain quick-serve or fast food chains in more recent years.

Del Taco's Sprite Poppers carry a suggested price of $1.29 (may vary) for a 16-oz regular-sized cup and can be found at participating locations chain-wide.

Photo via Del Taco.

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