Dec 1, 2023

Kraft Welcomes New NotMac & Cheese

Boxes of Kraft NotMac & Cheese.
Kraft Heinz releases new Kraft NotMac & Cheese as part of a joint venture with NotCo, a plant-based food producer. The new product is the first plant-based Kraft Mac & Cheese in the US (they've had a vegan version of Kraft Mac & Cheese in Australia since 2021).

Kraft NotMac & Cheese joins the venture's other plant-based offerings, which include Kraft NotCheese Slices and Kraft NotMayo. The Kraft Heinz Not Company plans to "scale into several more categories and begin international expansion in 2024."

At launch, Kraft NotMac & Cheese (Ed. note - Shouldn't it be Kraft Mac & NotCheese?) comes in two flavors: Original and White Cheddar. Both varieties are currently rolling out to store shelves nationwide now through early 2024.

Photo via Kraft Heinz.

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