Mar 7, 2024

Frank's RedHot Releases New Dip'n Sauce and Squeeze Sauce

Bottles of Frank's RedHot Dip'n Sauce and Frank's RedHot Squeeze Sauce.
Frank's RedHot offers up two new product lines--Frank's RedHot Dip'n Sauce and Frank's RedHot Squeeze Sauce--that add more variety and occasions to enjoy the brand's sauces.

As the name suggests, Frank's RedHot Dip'n Sauce line features thicker, more dippable sauces that are milder than their signature hot sauce. Dip'n Sauces come in 12-oz bottles and include three flavors at launch:

  • Frank's RedHot Buffalo Ranch Dip'n Sauce - A spicy, creamy blend of Frank's RedHot Buffalo sauce and Ranch dressing.
  • Frank's RedHot Roasted Garlic Dip'n Sauce - A spicy, garlicky blend featuring the cayenne heat of Frank's RedHot with a heavy dose of garlic.
  • Frank's RedHot Golden Dip'n Sauce - A sweet and tangy sauce that pushes the spicy heat of Frank's RedHot cayenne pepper at the tail end.

According to Frank's RedHot, the Dip'n sauces are "ideal for dipping, dunking or spreading on sandwiches."

Frank's RedHot Squeeze Sauce also come in three varieties and in 12-oz bottles but it's a plastic squeeze bottle made for drizzling. The three Squeeze Sauce flavors include:

  • Frank's RedHot Sriracha Squeeze Sauce - A spicy and savory sauce with the heat of Sriracha and the flavor of Frank's RedHot sauce.
  • Frank's RedHot Hot Honey Squeeze Sauce - A sweet and spicy sauce that offers the flavor of spicy Frank's RedHot with the sweetness of honey.
  • Frank's RedHot Creamy Buffalo Squeeze Sauce - The mild heat of Frank's RedHot Buffalo Sauce but with a creamier overall texture.

You can find both new Frank's RedHot sauce lines now at select retailers with nationwide availability "coming soon."

Photo via Frank's RedHot.

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