Mar 7, 2024

New Dirt Cake Oreos Arrive

A package of Dirt Cake Oreo cookies.
New Dirt Cake Oreos arrive in stores nationwide as the latest limited-edition flavor of the iconic sandwich cookies.

Dirt Cake-flavored Oreo cookies feature dirt cake-flavored creme (dual layers of brownie-flavored creme and chocolate creme with pieces of Oreo chocolate wafers) sandwiched by chocolate wafers and topped with colorful sprinkles. The sprinkles are inspired by the gummy worms that usually can be found on the top or in a dirt cake.

A dirt cake is generally made with Oreo or Oreo-like sandwich cookie pieces layered with pudding and gummy worms. The idea is that it's meant to resemble a patch of soil on the ground.

You can now find new Dirt Cake Oreos in stores in a 10.68-oz package for $4.50. They're also available from the Oreo website.

Photo via Oreo.

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