Mar 20, 2024

Review: Wendy's - Orange Dreamsicle Frosty

Side-view of Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty.

Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty features a vanilla Frosty mixed with an orange syrup.

A small cup cost me $2.59.

The Orange Dreamsicle Frosty comes in a uniform pale orange color. Like Frosties in general, it offers a softened but thick texture that sits somewhere between soft serve ice cream and a shake. It probably varies by location depending on how cold the Frosty machine is running but my particular Orange Dreamsicle Frosty was rather melted with a soft mass in the center and thick liquid along the sides of the cup.

Top-down view of Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty.

Flavor-wise, the Frosty was creamy with a mellow orange flavor that was light on tang and heavy on a citrusy zest. The zestiness was enjoyable but I would have liked more of a tartness to get more of an orange sherbet or ice pop feel.

A spoonful of Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty.

Still, when it comes down to it, I found myself taking quite a liking to Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty. While it didn't quite capture my memories of a Dreamsicle, there was still a very nice mix of cream and orange flavors.

Nutritional Info - Wendy's Orange Dreamsicle Frosty - Small
Calories - 320
Fat - 8g (Saturated Fat - 5g)
Sodium - 160mg
Carbs - 55g (Sugar - 49g)
Protein - 9g

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