Mar 8, 2024

Ritz Debuts Two New Toasted Chip Flavors

Ritz Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ Toasted Chips.
Ritz debuts two new flavors--Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ--to the Ritz Toasted Chip line ahead of March Madness.

Ritz is the official cracker sponsor of this year's March Madness college basketball tournaments.

Ritz Toasted Chips offer the taste of classic Ritz crackers but with an oven-baked, more chip-like crunch. They come in a rectangular shape rather than a round one.

The new flavors offer sweet heat and a sweet, zesty barbecue taste, respectively.

You can find both Sweet Habanero and Honey BBQ Ritz Toasted Chips now at retailers nationwide for a suggested price of $3.99 per 8.1-oz bag.

Photo via Ritz.

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