Mar 28, 2024

Taco Bell Brings Back Dragon Fruit Freeze

Taco Bell's Dragon Fruit Freeze.
Taco Bell brings back the Dragon Fruit Freeze for a limited time, heading into the warmer months of 2024.

The Dragon Fruit Freeze features a dragon fruit-flavored icy slush swirled with a magenta, dragon fruit-flavored syrup. You can also get it without the syrup, which should make for a mellower (and plainer-looking) but still dragon fruit-flavored drink.

If you've never had a dragon fruit, the sweetness can vary quite a bit from fruit to fruit but the flavor is often described as a mild cross between a pear and kiwi.

The price for the Dragon Fruit Freeze varies but it's the same as Taco Bell's other Freezes. In my area, it costs $3.79 for a regular and $3.99 for a large. A medium Freeze of any flavor is also available during Happier Hour (from 2PM to 5PM at participating locations) for $1.

Taco Bell's current Freeze selection includes the Dragon Fruit Freeze, Wild Strawberry Freeze, and Baja Blast Freeze.

Photo via Taco Bell.

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