Mar 15, 2024

Frito-Lay Releases New Rold Gold Waffle Pretzels

Frito-Lay launches new Rold Gold Waffles as the latest addition to the Rold Gold pretzel line.

Rold Gold Waffles features salted pretzels in the round lattice shape of waffles. They're meant to pair well with a dip, including new Tostitos Spicy Queso, a spicy cheese sauce.

You can find both Rold Gold Waffles and Tostitos Spicy Queso now at retailers nationwide.

Rold Gold Waffles come in 16-oz bags for a suggested price of $3.99 and 3.5-oz bags for $2.69.

Tostitos Spicy Queso can be found in a 15-oz jar for a suggested price of $5.09.

Photo via Frito-Lay.

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