Mar 8, 2024

Burger King Debuts New Po's Panda Sundae

Burger King's Po's Panda Sundae next to a graphic of Po from Kung Fu Panda.
As a promotional tie-in for the upcoming Kung Fu Panda 4 movie, Burger King adds the "new" Po's Panda Sundae to the menu for a limited time.

Burger King's Po's Panda Sundae features vanilla soft serve topped with chocolate syrup and Oreo cookie pieces. The idea here appears to be that the sundae is black and white like a panda. While it's touted as a new sundae, Burger King put out something very similar when they introduced the Oreo Sundae back in 2011 (which I reviewed back then).

Prices for Burger King's Po's Panda Sundae vary but it costs $3.49 at my local Burger King here in Los Angeles.

Kung Fu Panda 4 is currently playing in theaters nationwide.

Photo via Burger King.

Nutritional Info - Burger King Po's Panda Sundae
Calories - 270
Fat - 8g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 200mg
Carbs - 45g (Sugar - 34g)
Protein - 5g

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