Mar 29, 2024

KFC Launches New Onion Ring Chicken Sandwich and Twister in Canada

The KFC Canada Crispy Onion Ring Sandwich.
KFC is serving up new seasoned onion rings for a limited time over in Canada. The onion rings are featured in a fried chicken sandwich and a Twister wrap but you can also order them as a side.

The KFC Crispy Onion Ring Sandwich (pictured) is a new fast food item that features a deep-fried, crispy chicken filet, new savory seasoned onion rings, pickles, KFC Sauce, and mayo, served on a toasted potato bun.

The KFC Crispy Onion Ring Twister consists of two crispy-fried tenders, seasoned Onion Rings, KFC sauce, and mayo, wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla.

A side of onion rings can be ordered in an individual or large size.

While KFC has offered onion rings in other countries before, the fast-food chain has yet to introduce onion rings here in the US (although fast-food fried chicken rival Popeyes once did)

Photo via KFC Canada.

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