May 2, 2014

News: Arby's Testing Grilled Artisan Melts

Arby's is testing new Grilled Artisan Melts out in Evansville, Indiana. Besides a grilled/pressed version of the chain's classic Reuben, there's also the Steak & Garlic Toast, Turkey Avocado & Bacon, and Steak & Portabella sandwiches.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they'll be making an appearance nationally (at least not any time soon). I reached out to the company and a company spokesperson had this to say:

"Arby’s is committed to an ever evolving, collaborative and innovative approach to product innovation and R&D. Currently Arby’s is only testing its new Artisan Melts in Evansville, Indiana. This is simply a test of new operational processes and equipment. We have no additional test markets or product updates to share at this time."

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