Feb 4, 2013

2013 Super Bowl Fast Food Ad Round Up

In case, you missed it, here are the fast food ad spots that ran during the Super Bowl (technically only the Taco Bell ad ran during the Super Bowl, the others ran before or after and are therefore "Big Game" ads).

There was Taco Bell who previewed their ad with a separate teaser ad. It's entitled "Viva Young:"

I remember sitting outside a Taco Bell back in high school late at night eating similar to 0:48...

There was Pizza Hut who played on the the use of the word "hut" by quarterbacks prior to the snap and used crowd-sourced footage:

Here's Jack in the Box's ad which reveals Jack's past as a one-hit wonder rock band guitarist (as well as how he met his wife):

Carl's Jr./Hardee's went straight for their key demo of young hungry guys with yet another pretty-model-eating-their-food ad:

While the eye candy is nice, I liked the ads better when they had a little bit of story too (but I guess that just doesn't generate enough Internet buzz). Of course, it's the extended Director's Cut that gets almost four times as many views online.

Subway promoted their FebruANY promotion by highlighting how hard the word is to pronounce using their slew of celebrity endorsers:

I don't know about this one, I don't think it's that hard to say "Februany". Still, I guess it gets the message out. I mean they must have said (or miss-said) "Februany" like 20 times in the ad.

If you missed any of the Super Bowl ads this year, they're all on YouTube here.