Feb 17, 2013

Review: Pringles - Paprika Flavor

This canister of Paprika flavor Pringles came to me from my cousin who picked it up in Germany while traveling around Europe. It's actually made in Belgium though.

While it's exclusive to Europe, apparently you can pick them up from an importer on Amazon for a little over $5.

Pringles Paprika just tastes like a light, barbecue flavor so you get more of that dehydrated potato flavor that's distinctive to Pringles. Yeah, it just smells and tastes like a muted barbecue-flavored potato chip to me. While, paprika is found in a lot of barbecue spice rubs, I guess I was expecting something different.

It's you've never tried Pringles before, they're formed potato chips (I don't even think they call them potato chips) made from a mix dehydrated potato, starch, and rice flour. The idea is since every chip in uniform in size and shape, you can stack them and there's not as many broken bits as a bag of potato chips. They're also less greasy. On the other hand, they don't taste or feel like potato chips; they're crispy, but there's a dryness to them and a slightly graininess as they dissolve a little in your mouth.

Overall, Pringles Paprika flavor is pleasant enough and nice if you find the flavor of other Pringles to be too strong. The seasoning is good if you want a lighter barbecue taste.


  1. Yeah, err, paprika is made from dried red peppers... And we have the spice in our racks too. And BBQ sauce often has a pinch added in my experience. The paprika Pringle is a poor experience of the awesomeness that paprika crisps can be. Living in the Uk I generally get them from the Eastern European markets, or sometimes the lovely German ones from aldi.

    But maybe next time a simple search will help you understand what you're eating and make you seem a little more professional.

  2. My apologies, I didn't mean to suggest that Europeans don't have paprika in their spice racks. I am also aware that many barbecue rubs include paprika. I've edited the post to better reflect my thoughts.

    I'm curious though, do paprika crisp also taste like barbecue-flavored potato chips? When I taste paprika by itself, it doesn't taste like much.


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