Feb 24, 2013

What a KFC Seafood Menu Might Look Like

KFC Fish and Chips.

KFC doesn't serve seafood here in the US (except occasionally in Hawaii, where they currently offer Fish and Chips for a limited time), but if they decided to introduce a Seafood Menu, here's some inspiration taken from what's currently available at some KFC locations around the world:

From KFC Trinidad and Tobago, there's new Shrimp Zingers, which are crispy-fried, slightly spice shrimp.

KFC Zinger Shrimp on a plate.

Hot & Spicy Tilapia Fillets, which are deep-fried, spicy tilapia fish fillets.

KFC Fish Fillets on a plate with fries.

And a Fish Fillet Sandwich:

KFC Fish Fillet Sandwich.

In the nearby Bahamas, there's a Zinger Fish Sandwich and new Shrimp Zinger Twisters.

KFC's Fish Sandwich and Shrimp Twister.

Over in Singapore, you can get Shrimp Stars. Shrimp Stars are breaded and fried, star-shaped shrimp nuggets (like chicken nuggets but made with shrimp).

A box of KFC Shrimp Stars.

Also from KFC Singapore are Fish Donuts, which are breaded and fried ground fish shaped like donuts. They basically have all their seafood nuggets covered.

A box of KFC Fish Donuts.

Which KFC seafood items would you like to see here in the US?

Photos via KFC.


  1. Pretty much everything other than the Shrimp Stars or Fish Donuts looks pretty good to me, the Zinger Fish Sandwich looks like the best, if we could only have one.

  2. It mostly looks good to me too... if I could pick just one I'd take a shrimp item myself. It seems like a natural way to compete with Popeye's.

  3. Way back in the 1970's when my local KFC opened in Napoleon, Ohio, I remember the store being co-branded with Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips.
    Now there are a number of KFC's that share the building with Long John Silvers.
    My experience has been that the fish from a Long John Silvers stand alone store is usually better than one that is co-branded with KFC.


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