Feb 11, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Germany - New McCurrywurst

For a limited-time, starting February 14, 2013, McDonald's Germany is offering their own version of a favorite German fast food dish with new McCurrywurst.

Currywurst is a dish of steamed and then grilled pork sausages ("sausage" being "wurst' in German) cut into slices and covered with ketchup blended with curry powder (i.e. curry ketchup). It's often served as take-out food or street food, but can also be found at sit-down establishments.

Here in L.A., it has recently gained popularity with a few specialized restaurants having popped up to serve the dish, which usually goes for around $7.

The Mc-version features grilled pork sausages from Nuremburg and a warm spicy sauce with mild and hot curry powder available for customers to season as they see fit.

It will be available with a Kaiser roll for 2.99 Euros (~$4.01 US) or in a combo with fries and a soft drink for 4.99 Euros (~$6.69 US).


  1. Normal sausage in and of itself looks unnatural, but that thing in the picture looks horrible. I'm not sure I'd like curry ketchup either.

  2. The sausage is just like a bratwurst/hotdog.

  3. $7 for Currywurst? That's outrageous. I remember getting Currwurst in Berlin for maybe $3 at most.


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