Feb 10, 2013

Around the World: Valentine's Day Heart Edition

While KFC and Domino's aren't offering anything here in the U.S. in celebration of Valentine's Day this year, there are a few items they've made specifically for the holiday in a couple other countries.

Domino's Japan offers the heart-shaped Valentine's Day Pizza, which serves two and is topped with pepperoni and fresh mozzarella.

You can also get it in a combo with creme brulee!

While it's not offered this year (probably due to Chinese New Year falling on February this year), Pizza Hut Singapore offered the Loveberry Pizza last year. It featured a heart-shaped pan pizza with roasted chicken, chicken ham, pineapple, mushrooms, and bell peppers, garnished with a fresh strawberry on a bed of cranberry sauce:

Finally, two years ago in Malaysia, KFC offered heart-shaped breaded Shrimp Hearties:

To further the theme, they came in a heart-shaped porcelain containers.

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