Feb 28, 2013

Around the World: Starbucks Japan - Sakura Season Menu

In an annual event similar to the Pumpkin Spice Latte here in the U.S., Sakura (meaning "cherry blossom") season is upon Starbucks Japan! Sakura season is when the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan (typically ranging from March to April) and droves of people in Japan stake out a spot at the park to view them (and picnic; drinking is usually involved).

The viewing is called hanami (literally "flower see," but it's only used in reference to cherry blossoms). It's kinda like the Fourth of July, but longer and with varying dates depending on when the flowers decide to bloom.

For Starbucks Japan, what that means is Sakura-themed drinks, baked goods, and quite a bit of merchandise (including a Sakura-themed Starbucks Card).

On the drinks side, there's a Sakura White Chocolate Frappuccino and a Sakura Hot White Chocolate. Both feature a light pink hue and cherry white chocolate flavor, and are topped with whipped cream, cherry white chocolate and white chocolate shavings, and strawberry powder.

Prices range from 430 yen (~$4.64 US) for a Short to 550 yen (~$5.94 US) for a Venti of the Hot White Chocolate version and starts at 490 yen (~$5.29 US) for a Tall and up to 570 yen (~$6.15) for a Venti of the Frappuccino version. The prices carry a 100 yen premium over their plain counterparts (i.e. a Coffee Frappuccino and Hot White Chocolate).

The available baked goods selection include cherry chiffon cake, cherry macarons, cherry cookies, and cherry cookie balls. The latter two have already been sold out.

The limited-time merchandise include several tumblers, mugs, and a water bottle. Bringing your own tumbler or cup to a Starbucks in Japan saves you 20 yen (~$0.22 US) by the way.


  1. Wish they had those flavors in the US 'cuz I freakin love cherries!

  2. Love the theme, I wish the cards & merchandise were sold here in the US!

  3. Do you know how I can get one of those tumblers here in the states? My boyfriend brought one back for me but after getting knocked on the floor a couple times it completely broke! :( please email me if you know how.. thank you !

  4. I think your best bet is to just try eBay.


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