Feb 20, 2013

Review: Popeyes - Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pie

Popeyes' new Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pie is a limited-time menu item featuring strawberry puree layered with cream cheese inside of a deep-fried pie dough shell (technically, it's a deep-fried turnover).

My local Popeyes offers them for $1.29 each.

Popeyes' pies are similar to how McDonald's pies used to be (and still are, everywhere except here in the U.S.). The deep-fry treatment gives the pie crust shell a satisfyingly crispy, bubbly surface.

My pie didn't have much heft to it, but it's probably for the best portion-wise. It's about the same size as a McDonald's pie though.

Inside the pie is an even part strawberry puree and part cream cheese. The strawberry puree delivers on a tasty strawberry flavor without being too sweet. If I were to compare it to strawberry jam, it's much less sweet and not as thick. The cream cheese adds a nice, lightly-sweet creaminess and adds some substance to the filling. The two flavors fit together very well.

If you're one of the folk still suffering from withdrawal after McDonald's Strawberry and Creme Pie ended its limited-time run, get yourself to Popeyes, as the deep-fried shell makes Popeyes' Strawberry and Cream Cheese Pie even better (although it is slightly pricier).

Nutritional info not available.


  1. I've never tried the Mardi Gras Cheesecake. It looks interesting enough.

  2. Had this recently in the hopes that it would curtail my McD's Strawberry & Creme withdrawals, but it fell short. The filling just didn't have as much flavor as the McDonald's version.

  3. Your pictures look so amazingly appetizing and make me want to try this pie SO badly.

  4. My goodness, it IS as delicious as it looks! I'm dreaming of this pie now. *drool*


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