Feb 23, 2013

News: Seattle's Best - New Frozen Coffee Blends to Make at Home

Seattle's Best Coffee teams up with Inventure Foods, Inc. to introduce Frozen Coffee Blends, a frozen coffee drink you can blend at home.

Seattle's Best Coffee Frozen Coffee Blends are made with 100% arabica coffee beans and are available in four flavors: Coffee Chiller (i.e. plain), Creamy Caramel, Very Vanilla, and Mega Mocha.

To prepare, you just add milk and blend it up (of course, you would also just add coffee, milk, sugar, and ice to a blender to make a decent substitute in a pinch).

Suggested retail price for the new Frozen Coffee Blends, ranges from $2.99-$3.49.

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  1. A perfect combination: Use 12oz of milk (instead of 10oz), 4oz of Kalhua liquor, and 6 oz of Vodka, 1/2 cup of ice. Makes 2.5 glasses.


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