Feb 14, 2013

Review: Foster's Freeze - Waffle Fries

Foster's Freeze's Waffle Fries are of the seasoned and battered variety of waffle-cut potato fries.

These came in a 6-ounce, larger-than-usual, waxed bag for $2.49.

They didn't have any pictures when I ordered these and I usually think of waffle-cut fries as just plain salted fries like at Chick-fil-A rather than the seasoned version you find at Carl's Jr, so I was a little surprised but not disappointed.

$2.49 buys you a very good amount of fries at Foster's Freeze. The bag had a nice heft. I don't think a bag is the best packaging though, as it doesn't let the fries breath and they become soggy in short order.

The fries were just a little crispy to start and were softer as I worked my way into the bag. The potato flesh was moist and soft inside though.

The seasoning hit just the right note; just flavorful enough that you weren't reaching for ketchup, but not too salty that you're reaching for your drink after each fry.

Overall, Foster Freeze's Waffle Fries were pretty good! I think the crispness would vary from visit to visit, but the flavor is there and it's a good value to boot.

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