Feb 5, 2013

Review: Pizza Hut - Big Pizza Sliders

Pizza Hut's new, limited-time Big Pizza Sliders are basically mini pan pizzas sold in a set of nine for the same $10 as Pizza Hut's regular large pizza.

You can choose up to 3 toppings for each set of three mini pizzas, essentially giving you three different combinations of toppings per order. It's good for when you're feeding a few people and they all want different toppings.

I don't know why these are called "Big Pizza Sliders" instead of just "Pizza Sliders" or "Mini Pizzas." They're not big (but are enough to replace a Pizza Hut slice) and they're not sliders.

I ended up getting chicken on one set of three, pepperoni and sausage on another, and bacon, tomatoes, and onions on the last.

In looks, these most resemble the frozen, individual-sized, deep dish pizzas from Red Baron. There's a tall but thin layer of crust that runs all around each pizza. It looks a bit pre-formed rather than hand-made, but I didn't see them make it so I don't know for sure.

If you like Pizza Hut's Pan Pizza, these are very similar. They have that same oily crispy crust and plenty of it.  The sides were reasonably crispy, but the bottom is where you get the prime crispy real estate with a thin, but wonderfully crispy layer along the bottom of each mini pizza. There's also that familiar Pizza-Hut-pan-pizza oily flavor that is hit or miss depending on your preference (I don't like it so much, but I know plenty do).

Each mini pizza is fairly thick and doughy; there's a lot of breadiness to each one. The inside crumb retains a good deal of moisture with a soft, enjoyable denseness.

Topping-wise, I got a decent amount on each pizza and a good amount of cheese as well. Sauce was used sparingly. Of the three topping combinations, I liked the flavor of the pepperoni and sausage best, but it was a bit overly salty (I never thought so growing up though when it was my go-to topping combination; I guess my tastes have changed). The chicken was nice enough, but a bit plain. The bacon, tomatoes, and onions were decent, but the bacon didn't quite shine through.

Overall, Pizza Hut's Big Pizza Sliders are pretty decent. They're good if you like Pizza Hut's pan pizza, especially if you like the oily crispy crust as you get more per pizza here. If I were to rate them against Pizza Hut's limited-time offers of last year, I would put them way ahead of the Overstuffed Pizza, but behind the P'Zolo.

Nutritional Info - Pizza Hut Big Pizza Sliders - 1 topping - Pepperoni
Serving Size - 1 slider
Calories - 260 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 4g)
Sodium - 590mg
Carbs - 30g (Sugar - 2g)
Protein - 9g


  1. I wonder how long the sliders are going to stay with us. At my local Pizza Hut they already stop selling the Overstuffed Pizza and the Garlic Bread Pizza, both products launched in the 2nd half of 2012. Too many item disappearing rapidly. I was sad to see the P'Zolos go :(

  2. I never thought I would say anyone should take a lesson from Domino's, but Pizza Hut probably should. Stop screwing around with these unnecessary additions to the menu and actually improve your pizza. Domino's stopped rolling out random things like sandwiches and pasta for awhile (though they never removed them) and their pizza actually improved. The last Pizza Hut pizza I ordered had flimsy crust and wasn't even sliced properly.

    Those pizza rollers are pretty good, though. I'll give them that.

  3. I wish they had more cheese options especially cheddar cheese. Their white cheese tastes weird unless you have enough toppings on your pizza to cover it up. You were right in a previous post about their thin crust being the best. It's thin without being to crunchy or overdone like at some other places.

    I still miss Pizza Hut's Lasagna as one of their pasta options. :(

  4. Please accept a sincere compliment for an excellent report!

    You make it clear when you are allowing your personal tastes to 'flavor' your report and are dispassionate and most excellently descriptive in your analysis!

    I am especially admiring of the quality of the commentors... Thoughtful, pleasant and serious without a screeching harpy troll in the bunch!

    Nice stuff! (Bookmarking, now)

  5. hi have a question. i am a veggie and I always get just cheese. Love the pan pizza but i heard they put lard shortening on bottom of pan for pan crust . Is this true? Can you confirm? Isn't this completely wrong and why not use veg shortening? Ugh so disappointed! Maybe you can dig the truth:((

  6. I highly doubt it. For one, shortening is almost always vegetable oil nowadays (specifically most chains use soybean oil). And secondly, lard is more expensive.

    If you're worried about the cheese, I found this:

  7. No, it's not true... it's just vegetable oil. As for the pan pizza crust itself, it contains dairy but no other animal products.

  8. SUCKS, oh sorry they're HORRIBLE. Trust Meeeeeeeeee. So after you read this and ignore my post because of curiosity I won't blame you, but at least let me be the 1st to tell you it's BAD.....Pizza Hut Please stick to your regular menu. This is not good..! Inadvertently you are ripping people off with this offering...

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  10. These are awful! Bought some with a pizza thinking my daughter would like them. We tried three different kinds and neither myself, my wife or daughter could stomach eating more than one bite of them. BTW, we all love pan pizza.


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