Feb 2, 2013

News: Hershey's - New Special Dark Milkshakes

Hershey's line of single-serve refrigerated milk and milkshakes adds a new Special Dark Chocolate Milk Shake flavor starting March 2013.

The new flavor comes in 12-ounce single-serve, plastic bottles and is available at retailers nationwide.

I've never tried one of these before. Looking at the ingredients, they don't seem to be made with any ice cream or any cream at all; just thickeners for creamy texture.

Special Dark Chocolate joins an existing line up of Lowfat Chocolate Milk, Creamy Chocolate Milkshake, Cookies n' Cream Milkshake, and Strawberry Milkshake.


  1. I am down with dark chocolate anything.

  2. Soylent (Dark) Brown is people!

    I will wait to see the numbers. Like Aaron, I love dark chocolate.,,

  3. These must exist to compete with Nesquik.

  4. These are awesome, just hard to find where I live!! It really sucks!


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